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Common Garden Superstitions and Their Origins
Do you share gossip with your bees and avoid stepping in fairy rings? There are many garden-related superstitious practices that go back to ancient times. Whether or not you believe in these garden superstitions, at least they are interesting and fun to read about—and hey, talking to bees can’t hurt, right? #gardentherapy #folklore #herbs #gardening
Courses! | Find Your Magic! Psychic Abilities, Spirit Guides, Finding Yourself, Past Life, Let It Be
Courses! | Find Your Magic!
Courses! | Find Your Magic!
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Appalachian Folklore, Monsters and Superstitions
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10 Ways to Create a Witch's Garden - Home for the Harvest
Popular, Old Wives Tale, Witchcraft Books, Folk Tales, Curse Spells, Wives Tales, Witchcraft For Beginners
Old American Witchcraft & Folk Magic: Initiation, Curses & Spells
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Herbalism Instructors
Juliet Blankespoor & Bia
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Come and see what Spiritual Sessons resonate with you! I cannot wait to do your reading and help you on your journey!
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Events | Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival | United States
Events | Salem Witchcraft & Folklore Festival | United States
Witchcraft Courses - Althaea Sebastiani Tooth And Claw, Lesson, Courses, Live For Yourself
Feral Witchcraft
Witchcraft Courses - Althaea Sebastiani
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SSS opt-in | Ancient Astrology
SSS opt-in | Ancient Astrology
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Courses — Foraging, forest school, ancestral skills, bush craft, rites of passage, vision fast
Many tracking books use the analogy of the earth as paper, the animals as writers, and the tracks and trails as the letters and words left behind for those who are fluent in the language and willing to pause and read. Tracks and trails are truly a script for those with trained senses, and they tell many stories rich in drama, suspense, mystery, love and sometimes horror.