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ArtStation - Random Sketches II, Friedemann Allmenroeder

More random wild west stuff… I really love doing these exploration sketches lately where I can just let go and doodle around in some fictional world, thinking of weird places and stories.

DUNGEONS & DRAWINGS - GELATINOUS CUBE Gelatinous cubes are a subset of...

GELATINOUS CUBE Gelatinous cubes are a subset of oozes which share the remarkable tendency to settle comfortably into a cuboid shape at rest. While this might seem a uselessly bizarre trait, wizarding opinion speculates that the creatures may have.

geometric bird

This pin is similar to the first pin, it has those fine white lines that show the proportion of the bird. I like how it shows the original image and then it transforms into a pixelated bird. Low poly, looks like a fun or frustrating exercise to do.