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Michael Steele (the Bangles) Despite having a boy's name, is a girl.



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‪Brooke Shields is cooing that nothing gets between her and her Calvins. Jennifer Beals is banging her head around a ballet studio finding her inner Olivia Newton-John and the yuppies are rushing to work in shoulder pads, sky-high hairsprayed bangs and Reeboks. Our fave eighties look is ‬definitely Kim Basinger working her coquette nymph thing in‬ ‪9 1/2 weeks‬‪. Picture baggy wool sweaters, mens suits, black boots. Blink your eyes and she’s in nothing but a blindfold and black lace.‬

Brooke Shields, understated elegance as well as an intellectual. And how about those eyebrows! Here is a lovely + tasteful brooch. Back in the day, this outfit would be perfect for this brooch.