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a quilted star with the words copyright 2011 diane's native american stars
native american star quilt designs | native americans
a quilt with an animal's face on it is laying on top of the floor
Laura's Sis
a bed with a green and yellow star quilt on it's headboard next to a night stand
War bonnet star quilt
a pink and white quilt with an abstract design on the center, in front of a black background
Quilt, “Pipes and War Bonnets”.
a multicolored star quilt hanging on a blue wall with the center piece cut out
la colcha de estrellas - árbol
a blue and green star quilt with the words 4 sets of diamonds on it
a quilt with an eagle on it in the grass
a large piece of fabric is laying on a cutting board
a green quilt with black and white designs on it sitting in front of a building
Make Modern Quilt Magazine on Instagram: "For our Meet the Maker series in issue 52 we chat to Crystal Two Hearts @Eternal.bloom.blankets ❝In our last issue of Make Modern, our gallery featured star quilts. While looking for those celestial themed quilts to highlight, we came across these incredible star quilts made by Crystal Two Hearts and just knew we had to feature more of them! Star quilts are one of Crystal’s favourite things to make – and that’s evident in seeing how prolific and talente
four different colored stars are arranged on a white background, and one is multicolored
Stunning Stars Quilt #2 - "Exploding Stars"!!
Признания наркомана: потрясающие звездные одеяла # 2 - «Взрывные звезды» !!
a colorful quilt on a bed next to a potted plant
a large green and white quilt on top of a table