Хисматуллин Георгий

Хисматуллин Георгий

Хисматуллин Георгий
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Plyometric Workout Class - Plyometrics Exercises - Plyo Training Drills - Plyometrics Workouts

30 Minute Home Fitness Workout to help you burn fat and develop lean muscle. This workout blends cardiovascular training with plyometric and body resistance .

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9 exercises to increase an athlete's vertical jump

Whether it’s a basketball slam-dunk, volleyball spike, soccer header or tennis jump serve, a vertical leap is a key skill for many athletes. An improved vertical leap will help young athlete.

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I'm an athlete, but standing only 5'6 (170cm) I struggle with getting good results in high jump. So I found this! Amazingly simple exercises that improve your jumping capability by quite a good amount! And even if you're not an athlete, just try it! It's JUST 1$ so it definitely won't hurt your wallet.

How to Jump Higher in 45 minutes- is a comprehensive guide on vertical jump and muscle gain workout program.