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Polina Vishnevskaya

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Polina Vishnevskaya
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Подарочные наборы в Минске

Подарочные наборы в Минске


The main objective of body building supplements is actually to gain muscle mass and also burn undesirable physical body.


Fitness motivation Background for iPhone 6 - home screen

blueberries #dazzlingblue

blueberries are my favourite food and one of my favourite things in nature. i also love the colour blue, its a really soothing colour and a huge part of nature for me


i could eat a bowl of blueberries or add it to my cereal. superfoods: beans blueberries broccoli oats oranges pumpkin salmon soy spinach tea (green or black) tomatoes turkey walnuts yogurt


I love the stark contrast of the shadows and the frost on the berries. A super cool idea for a dark blue/black wrap with accents of grey, ice blue, purple.