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Topical pitcher & #qrcode by #yiying_lu

Australian artist Yiying Lu has designed Beautiful Traps, an art series of watercolored women wearing carnivorous plant hats where each incorporates a work

Beautiful Traps: A QR Code Art Project by Australian Artist Yiying Lu.Featuring 7 carnivorous plants: Rafflesia Arnoldii, Sundew, Voodoo Lily, Venus Flytrap, Sarracenia Leucophylla, Nepenthes Truncata and Nepenthes Rafflesianaan.More about this project: http://www.yiyinglu.com/bthttp://blog.walls360.com/creating-digital-art-beautiful-traps-qr-code-art-project-by-yiying-lu/Music:

Creating Digital Art: Beautiful Traps QR Code Art Project by Yiying Lu by yiyinglu. Beautiful Traps: A QR Code Art Project by Australian Artist Yiying Lu.

carnivore plant drag

This is not only AWESOME, but also really smart costuming! I can see a zipper in the front and I wouldn't be surprised if this didn't require a second person to put it on.

This hat is inspired by the Rafflesia flower, which is actually a parasite and not carnivorous, but gives off the smell of rotting flesh. Don’t worry though, we didn’t recreate the smell for the headpiece! Get my look at #slaybeauty. #slaylebrity #slaynetwork #fascinator #slaymyhair #redhat #hairaccessory #dragqueen #pfw #turban #dubailife #fascinator #hats #royalascot #princessofwales #costumeinstitute

Giant Red Flower Headpiece, Rafflesia Fascinator - This giant red flower headpiece is part of the Carnivorous Plants collection;