Vsevolod Samohvalov

Vsevolod Samohvalov

Vsevolod Samohvalov
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Facebook - New Look  Concept by Fred Nerby, via Behance... interesting visualizations of activity on calendars

A conceptional and systematic design approach encouraging user behaviour and a greater control of data within a responsive grid. The overall concept was created with a systematic design approach encouraging behaviour and a greater control of user data.

meo mail app ui

Email clients UI can get little boring, but we think the Meo mail application UI by Metin Kazan is a good-fun approach to the same old boring - It features a unique color scheme with some awesome U.

ToDo App design found on Dribbble

Good example of an active state, letting users know which section they are currently in. From there we can add a bread crumb style title so they also know what subcategory they are in when the fly out sub navigation dissapears.