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Анимированное фото

Анимированное фото

Messograf Retractable ballpoint pen

Cleo Skribent's Mesograf is a retractable pen, caliper rule, tire tread gauge, ruler, and thread scale all in one. The measuring device of all measuring devices.

Made in the USA:  GyroJaw Vise Accessory

Made in the USA, the GyroJaw allows you to clamp angled pieces in straight vise jaws. Placed in the vise between the jaws and the work piece, it pivots on a rounded stud of solid steel while the by face lies flat against the angled stock.

a wall of fold-down pegs: just push them back into the wall when you're not using them!

The Loft Amsterdam Playing Circle masculine interior by: C-More design + interieur + trends + prognose + concept + advies + ontwerp + cursus + workshops