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a white plate topped with a pastry covered in fruit and veggies on top of it
Pear and Manuka Honey Tart Recipe
Pear and manuka honey tart
four pastries are sitting on a cutting board with powdered sugar and icing
Cannoli morbidi paradiso, DOLCETTI soffici, facili da fare e irresistibili
small desserts with raspberries and whipped cream are arranged on a black surface
Les Tuiles aux amandes di Pierre Hermé (La Cuoca Dentro)
four squares of food sitting on top of a cookie sheet covered in cheese frosting
Les Tuiles aux amandes di Pierre Hermé (La Cuoca Dentro)
a hand holding a piece of food on top of a wooden table next to figurines
La recette de la tarte tube figue framboise
a person holding a pastry with cream cheese and strawberries on it in their hand
Toutes mes recettes 👉 https://www.cookandrecord.com
a hand holding a pastry with strawberries on it and two pieces of the cake in the background
La recette de la tarte tube figue framboise
Toutes mes recettes 👉 https://www.cookandrecord.com
three desserts with white frosting and brown leaves on top are arranged in rows
#Fancy_ Desserts
#Fancy_ Desserts
a chocolate pie with nuts and leaves on it's crust, ready to be eaten
Tarte au chocolat noir et lait, streusel noisette - Recette Olivia Pâtisse
a cupcake with chocolate frosting and flowers on top
~~ טרטלט מון בלאן Tartelettes Mont Blanc ~~
Ma Blogeria: ~~ טרטלט מון בלאן Tartelettes Mont Blanc ~~
a white plate topped with dessert on top of a table
Autour du Canada : noix de pécan, pommes, glace érable | I Love Cakes
Dessert à l'assiette Autour du Canada
a chocolate cake with blueberries and whipped cream on top is sitting on a wooden table
Tarte au caviar de chocolat (Dominique Ansel)
Fun Coffee and Hazelnut Tart
I thought I would get creative, by using a silicon tuile stencil to create a really fun texture on the bottom of my tart shell. I filled it with a coffee hazelnut financier, soft caramel, crunchy feuilletine, and topped with a cream cheese mousse. I finished it with some decorative piping using a whipped coffee ganache! Check out my other (more sensible!) recipes over at mattadlard.com
a close up of a pastry on a white background
Tarte tatin spirale - La cuisine de Bernard
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a stack of pancakes with whipped cream on top
La TARTE TATIN de William Lamagnère