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two white plates topped with desserts on top of a table
Banana parfait recipe - Tonka recipe
a white plate topped with a pastry covered in icing and purple flowers on top of it
Orange Sorbet, Almond Ice Cream, Toasted Lavender Marshmallow, Honeycomb, Orange Gel, Almond Tuile, Candied Almonds, Flowers
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Coffee Caviar Recipe, Coffee Caviar, Gastronomische Desserts, Molecular Food, Molecular Mixology, Molecular Gastronomy Recipes, Molecular Cuisine, Caviar Recipes, Taiwanese Cuisine
How to make Coffee Caviar | Molecular Gastronomy Style Espresso Bubbles
three glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a white table next to each other
Affogato with Espresso Flavour Pearls - Peninsula Larder
Coffee Caviar Recipe Mousse, Coffee, Cake, Coffee Tasting, Coffee Dessert, Coffee Flavor
Mocha Heaven (Plated Desert)
Coffee Caviar Recipe
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two dessert dishes with ice cream, nuts and chocolate
Chocolate granita affogato
Chocolate granita affogato
Baklava Affogato
BAKLAVA AFFOGATO. An easy, impressive and indulgent dinner party dessert for Summer celebrations. #affogato #baklava #coffeedessert #baklavaicecream
two glasses filled with dessert sitting on top of a wooden table
Tiramisu Affogato
Tiramisu Affogato
an advertisement with donuts and dipping sauce on a plate
Caramel Affogato With Cinnamon Churros | Donna Hay
three desserts in small glasses on a table
Iced Coffee Tiramisu | Donna Hay
Iced Coffee Tiramisu | Donna Hay
an ice cream sundae with chocolate and marshmallows in a glass bowl
Vietnamese Coffee Jelly Dessert...easy
an ice cream sundae on a plate with cinnamon sticks and coffee in the background
Tiramisu Affogato
three dessert dishes with ice cream in them on a black countertop next to some drinks
Affogato - traditional Italian ice cream dessert with espresso