My DIY DVD shelf made out of half a pallet!

Looking for stylish DVD storage solutions? Get creative organised and innovatice solutions For Your Media


No storage? No problem! Easily create a DIY wooden crate bookshelf with wooden crates, hardware & paint.


To make this brick bookshelf first you have to draw vertical lines with a pencil…

Es toda una aventura, reciclar artículos que se encuentran al alcance de cualquiera, que se fabrican para una función y que nuestro afán de creatividad, no

Designer Simone Tasca stacked twelve reclaimed wood shipping pallets and created one comfortable looking spot to invite a group of friends to lay back and watch a movie

Install window sill inside - How to achieve that? Windowsills can provide a stylish way to add value to your room. They make the room much more charming and .

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средиземноморский - Поиск в Google

средиземноморский - Поиск в Google

blue and green color scheme for living/dining area! Osorio I'm thinking downstairs ceiling blue, up stairs kitchen/dining ceiling green!