Love this! I hated our stainless steel because it never looked clean. Now I know. :)

How To Clean Your Kitchen Sink & Disposal

Clean Stainless Steel Sink - Step-by-step to a shiny, clean stainless sink. I thought I knew how to clean a sink, but this has some good detail tips that I didn't know!

Remove furniture dents in carpet with ice cubes

Quick carpet fix

You know how you REALLY remove carpet dents? Use your foot and rub the squished carpet fibers about. They magically come back! (remove furniture dents in carpet with ice cubes - stupid)

Детское масло, ткань и кран

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

101 hidden tricks to get your house sparkling in record time. because who doesn't want a sparkling clean house?

25 DIY green cleaning recipes for the whole house

25 DIY Green Cleaning Recipes For the Whole House! This site has great recipes for green, non-toxic cleaning products.

Organize brooms and mops in the laundry room with a peg board. It's nice to get that stuff off the floor!

52 Meticulous Organizing Tips For The OCD Person In You -- Use a pegboard to get your cleaning supplies off the floor if you’ve got some extra wall space in your laundry room. {{hang peg board on back of door to laundry room}}

Fix scratches on wood furniture: 1/4 cup vinegar and 3/4 cup olive oil

Fix scratches on wood furniture: cup vinegar and cup olive oil. I would probably use mineral oil instead. Olive oil can go rancid.

Ball of aluminum foil used to scrub glass pan

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Aluminum Foil as Glassware Scrubber To get baked-on food off a glass pan or an oven rack, use dishwashing liquid and a ball of foil in place of a steel-wool soap pad, says Mary Findley, president of the cleaning-products developer Mary Moppins.

CLEANING CLOSET: Finding a place to stow cleaning supplies can be challenging, especially if storage space is limited. Here, a narrow closet nook corrals essential supplies near the kitchen. Small bins organize bottles and brushes, and a door-mounted holder secures taller tools. Use a cabinet in the garage.

Clever Storage Closets

I never thought of this. GREAT place to put a utility closet. Cleaning storage in laundry room. Love this utility closet for the vacuum and other cleaning supplies for the mudroom.

Вымойте пунктов, затем поместите на алюминиевой фольге в нижней части горшка. Добавить выпечки-содовым раствором (¼ чашки соды, несколько чайных ложек соли, 1 кварта кипятка) и покрывают в течение нескольких секунд. Результат? Химическая реакция, которая получает черный от соуснике.

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

TO POLISH SILVER -- Wash Items, then Place on Aluminum Foil in the Bottom of a Pot. Add a Baking Soda Solution of -- ¼ Cup Soda, a few Teaspoons Salt, & 1 Quart Boiling Water -- & Cover for a Few Seconds. A Chemical Reaction Gets the Black Off the Silver

Очистить воздух в промозглой подвале. Вырезать лук пополам, положите его на тарелку и оставьте его на ночь. Как только начальная салат-бар аромат рассеивается, вы будете иметь свежий (не луковый) атмосферу.

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Surprising Cleaning New Uses Onion as Basement Deodorizer Clear the air in a dank basement. Cut an onion in half, place it on a plate, and leave it out overnight. Once the initial salad-bar aroma dissipates, you'll have a fresh (non-oniony) atmosphere.

Оливковое масло, как нержавеющая сталь чистого

Surprising Cleaning New Uses

Surprising Cleaning New Uses - Real Simple Olive Oil as Stainless Steel Cleaner Buff streaks out of stainless steel with a little oil on a terry-cloth rag, then shine with a dry paper towel.

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контрольный журнал флай леди купить - Поиск в Google


Free bathroom cleaning cheat sheet and check list. Get organized and clean your bathroom fast and efficiently using our handy, printable PDF.