"Ari, you can't hide here forever." "And why not?" "Because! You just can't!" "Watch me." "Ari, just climb back in and we'll get dinner." "I'm not hungry." "What if you fall?" "I've been here enough times to know to be careful."

A place where no one could possibly find her and bother her. She sat on the edge of life. Her own personal brink.

We'l take wonderful pictures everywhere we go and if we stay at home, we'll take wonderful pictures of ourselves, each other, our friends, our yard. our street~

NYC. Quintessential shapes through the rain

Visit the Big Apple! Rain, snow or shine, anytime will do. NYC - Raining over Manhattan

❀ Flower Maiden Fantasy ❀ beautiful art fashion photography of women and flowers - white night fleurs

Beginning of book where Ava & Ceris are on the roof of this really tall building on the night that Ava gets attacked by the Death Hound.

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Black and White My favorite photo

Graphic design inspiration

The New Suit: Meet The 10 Most Creative, Innovative Entrepreneurs Redefining Office Style - Denise Porcaro, Flower Girl, NY