5 important reasons why you need to redesign your website for the mobile web

5 important reasons why you need to redesign your website for the mobile web

I was going to say "who on earth gets that much paint on their hands" . Then I looked at my own hand. I get that much paint on my hands.

Michelle Armas explains her commission process...

REALLY GOOD desc. of how she approaches commission work.jtr Michelle Armas explains her commission process. super valuable info for painters from a veteran.

Letters Words Pages by Kristin Silva, via Behance

This is really interesting. The reverse letters cut out, and then the shadow beneath really gives this some texture and visual interest. I would immediately be interested in what this poster has to tell me.

Blue represents tranquility, calmness, relaxation & peace.  http://www.idobeauty.com.au

rivers of blue. This looks similar to Sharon Cummings' Pure Water series (re: stroke, color) Abstract painting idea


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory and be created into a custom.

Not quite body paint, but I've bee. Playing with the idea of doing a photo shoot involving powder paint (like the ones used in the festival of color in India).

Love the painting on the wall

Love the chair & artwork! - the home of danish designer brigitte rabens by the style files

Natalie Radcliffe

Abstracted Woodland 2 Wallpaper from the Paper Bouquet Collection - Natalie Ratcliffe Gum Arabic and Silk Screen Print

kris knight 2013

These magnificent portraits by the artist Kris Knight, taken from his latest series, Secrets Are The Things We Grow, offer a supple beauty, both relenting and quietly powerful. “This new seri…

Techniques mixtes, 50 x 130 by kitty Sabatier

white & grey memories by kitty sabatier - beautiful shapes, linework pinned with Bazaart

Chickadee no. 433 original bird oil painting by moulton aceo

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