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THAS-Tom Hardy Argentina Station • Posts Tagged ‘behind the scenes’

THAS-Tom Hardy Argentina Station • Posts Tagged ‘behind the scenes’

Снимки орбитального телескопа Хаббл. Туманности и Галактики

'Mountain of creation' regions where stars formed only)NGC 2207 and IC 2163 (two galaxies located about 140 million light years from Earth)Orion's sword (Located light-years from Earth, this is our closest 'Star Factory')L.

50 самых интересных фотографий с орбитального телескопа Хаббл -Планетарная туманность в созвездии Корма

When lower-mass, Sun-like stars run out of fuel, they blow off their outer layers in a planetary nebula, but the center contracts down to form a white dwarf, which takes a very long time to fade to darkness.

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