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Storage is an issue to address in any type of design. Using a vertical bicycle rack, the residents of this apartment can turn a utilitarian object into its own work of art, while also preserving floorspace on their simple but bright enclosed terrace.


Small Apartment With Great Storage in Pastel Tones

Цветовые решения для прихожей — Наши дома

Spotlight: Marvelous Mudroom As we approach the winter months, proper mudrooms are necessary in order to avoid tracking dirt and water into the depths of your home.

Happy Small Modern Apartment 11

Gray Is The Interior Color Of Today

Дизайн прихожей: 20 лучших идей оформления

Mudrooms help organize your out-the-door essentials in a convenient spot. Don't have a mudroom? Create your own with our DIY mudroom ideas. For existing mudrooms, browse our photos of amazing mudroom storage ideas for more organization inspiration.

современный интерьер прихожей

современный интерьер прихожей