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a model of a house on top of a table next to a tree with no leaves
Community wall photos
six metal flanges are shown on a white surface
Female Prison / OOIIO Architecture
Female Prison / OOIIO Architecture
several rolls of green and white tape sitting on top of each other in the middle of a circle
O Castro Tecnolóxico, Mansilla y Tuñón
ESPECIESdeESPACIOSenCONSTRUCCIÓN: O Castro Tecnolóxico, Mansilla y Tuñón
a person holding up a model of a house made out of wood and glass blocks
image for you -
a model of an amusement park is shown on a blue surface with red, yellow and orange ropes
Gallery of Soviet Constructivism / University of Western Australia ALVA - 4
Recent graduates of the University of Western Australia, in their 5th year work studying Soviet Constructivism by researching, analyzing and reproducing various significant buildings from the movement.
two views of the same house from different angles, each with its own kitchen and dining area
(sin título)
By Sebastián Navarro T.008
an architectural model of a house with stairs leading up to the upper floor and second floor
a person standing in front of a large white object with geometric shapes on the surface
Models - Архитектурный журнал ADCity
four different views of a building made out of white paper and cut into smaller pieces
topuch.ru - сайт для учащихся
0009 НМЕТ АI1 курс раб 1 - Учебнометодические указания по дисциплине архитектурное проектирование
three tables with architectural models on them in an open space, one is white and the other is grey
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