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an image of a room with purple and grey decor on the walls, including a couch
Проект квартиры 34 кв. - Архитектурный журнал ADCity
Проект квартиры 34 кв.
an empty room with grey cupboards and a brown bag on the floor next to it
Furniture, Lighting, Storage, Bedroom Designs by Carpenter Kerala Carpenters Work, Ernakulam | Kolo
Шкаф в прихожую
Фасады в эмали NCS S 2005-Y60R. Материал стеллажа и реек ЛДСП EGGER Дуб Бардолино серый. Корпус из ЛДСП EGGER Кашемир серый. Фурнитура BLUM.
the closet is clean and ready to be used for shoes or other things in the house
a modern kitchen with wood paneling and stainless steel refrigerator freezer, built into the wall