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Comic superstars Mark Waid and Fiona Staples continue their reimagining of an icon! The new school year continues to bring with it daunting new challenges and i

starlit summer sky — Happy February! xoxo Here’s my Valentine’s...

xoxo Here’s my Valentine’s Day-inspired Bughead art. I had a million different background ideas, but ultimately thought Pickens Park at sunset was the most appropriate.

Фотографии Ривердейл / Cериальные приколы – 7 альбомов

This is, we made to the finale, but don't think that it's over because Riverdale is returning for a second Season and more problems will ari.

Que pudo haber pasado.... Eso da miedo

Gravity Falls team meeting for Last Mabelcorn: “And in this scene the girls will be COMPLETELY DRENCHED in unicorn blood" “…Alex, I don’t think the censors will-” “Make it sparkly and call it ‘tears’, but the viewers will know.

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Moments like these will be cherished... Even until the end of the show. I really like how the twins keep switching hats.

On the way to gravity falls <<< After watching Gravity Falls I wanted a twinbrother who was just like Dipper. One of my friends has a twinbrother, so when I told her I wanted one she said: 'No, you don't.

Noora//You And I decided we wanted a weekend alone so that’s what we got, we went up to the mountain, Shadow let us use his house and you hadn’t really kissed or touched me since I had gotten pregnant, I pull you into a kiss