Колмыкова Виталия

Колмыкова Виталия

Колмыкова Виталия
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Ravensbourne college brochure designed by Hike Design

современный шаблон презентации чистый бизнес брошюра Бесплатные векторы

Tausch is renowned as professional Logo Design Company USA providing eye-catching flyer design and printing services & brochure design and printing services.

xavier esclusa trias

Poster by Xavier Esclusa Trias for Executive Meditation company. Dedicated to teach meditation courses for executives. The obtained results: the growth, the creativity, the expansion of the mind.


I like how drawing and photography was used at the same time. Although this was tried a lot of times, the fact that both types (photography and pencil drawing) can be used helps widen the possibilities for a design.