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an image of the website for games
a black and pink control panel with buttons
Music Player UI Kit PSD, Dark Theme UI Design - Psdblast
Dark UI design PSD
a green and white box with the words what is your budget? $ 1, 000
Better Interface Design: Logins, Menus, Toggles And Other Fancy Modules — Smashing Magazine
Budget slider
a set of buttons and knobs on a dark background
Dark Music UI Elements PSD - Graphicsfuel
FREE PSD *** Dark Music UI Elements by Rafi, via GraphicsFuel *** As always, the PSD file contains several different popular UI elements created using shape layers. Editable layers allow you to easily edit and make changes to fit your designs for iOS / android apps, web interfaces, etc. The freebie includes UI elements such as volume knob, equalizer, music controls, sliders, buttons, and more to name a few.
a cell phone with the text como prefer fazer o seu login?
HomeBanking iOS App
two white buttons with one on and one off, are shown in the same color
Slider controls
Slider controls
an appliance that is displaying the time and temperature for each item to be used
Skeuomorphism in User Interface Design, What is It? - Designmodo
Skeuomorphism in User Interface Design, What is It? - Designmodo
an info sheet showing the different types of aircrafts
Button Templates from GraphicRiver
ui kit with random components
three black and white switches on a gray wall with two knobs in the middle
As one switch is slid, the others react into an awesome mess of chaos. Chaos is funny
an info sheet with different types of lines and numbers on it, including the words'progress
the website for furniture and home decor is displayed in red, yellow and blue colors
UI Filter widget: slider
UI Filter widget: slider
a set of web buttons and arrows with freebie text on the bottom right hand corner
Inset Switches and Sliders UI Elements - WeLoveSoLo
Inset Switches and Sliders UI Elements - Fresh set of switches and sliders with colored insets – variety of button on/off, vertical slider, graduated progress bars, and left/right arrow buttons. PSD - https://www.welovesolo.com/inset-switches-and-sliders-ui-elements/
a bunch of different types of buttons and numbers
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an image of the different types of boats on display in this web page, which is also
real_pixels.jpg by Circ
Experimenting with different styles and futuristic concepts whilst incorporating and combining principles of material design (elevation, shadow depth, direction) metro/modern UI (tiles, typography, visual data) and flat design, by Balraj Chana.
the cover of game pro magazine featuring an image of a man wearing a hooded hood