BONECA DE PANO These angelic dolls are stunning and beautifully made. I wish the creator source/url was on this pin.

Boneca Russa

Master-class on making body for the pupa-bolshenozhki - Fair Masters - handmade, handmade

DIY Kids Ugg Boots

Baby felt boots-- these are basically EXACTLY the same as 'Baby Uggs'.

Miniature art doll shoes tutorial by Adele Po.

Miniature art doll shoes tutorial

We make the shoes miniature dolls

Одежда, аксесуары для кукол

Mother and daughter tilda

Mother and daughter tilda

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UNIFOLD is an experimental project with Professor Crowley that explores ways to construct footwear with a one-piece die cut pattern

Inspiration is Everywhere - One Lucky Day

DIY Cupcake Holders

In homage to the 1945 project originated by Christian Dior, Le Petit Théâtre Dior sets off on a world tour and has chosen the city of Chengdu, in China,.