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UT Comic: New Arms by AbsoluteDream

It's the little things. ^^ Quite a few people in the past have suggested a comic based on Alphys building MK new arms. UT Comic: New Arms

I wonder why this doesn't have much repins, it's so adorable <3... I MEAN LOOK AT THIS

I have decided to finish Jacksepticeye's Undertale series in one sitting. Last episode. I dont wanna watch but I do XD ~ 9e34 f 2017 141 5 8 siblingtale___astell_s_new_friend_by_tc_96-dba1456.png

The signing says from Astell "Hello how are you, mister" and then "I am fine, little one. Just fine"

Do my biding!!

Kill all the flowers. Until they got memories back and say they your friend. Then better think of it.