The reason for Angels - They were sent to watch over us, by God, when things get tough or when we are afraid. Sometimes, although it's sad, they are sent to take one of the many angels on earth and bring them to where they belong. They are meant to protect us, angel on earth or not, they will always be by our sides.

Sweet Dream Blessings to you my Angel sisters ! May peace and comfort bring you sweet dreams as Our Lord watches over us!

Now available in a fine art canvas reproduction, this piece offers the rustic beauty that Deann's paintings are known for. The canvas print looks and feels very similar to the original piece. Each piece is printed and stretched on 1" stretcher bars using archival inks, in the USA. Comes ready to hang with a certificate of authenticity.  Most items ship within 2 weeks.

Four Angels-loving this artists renditions, especially of angels and cotton fields, but all are nice--Fine Art by DeeAnn

Alexey Terenin

Born and raised in the Czech Republic, Alexey Terenin was trained as an architect. To me his dreamy, ghost-like fi.