Русский дружинник. Середина Х в / smrtag Russian male sword warrior 10cAD medieval history illustration reconstruction

[EARLIER] Russian warrior, the middle of the century

Grand Duke Vladimir Svyatoslavovich (960-1015) is known as Russian ruler who christened Russian people. The legend says until the age of 28 he was a great raver, a pagan, who persecuted Christians, murdered his brother Yaropolk and seduced his wife. After Vladimir chose Christianity between Judaism, Islamism and Catholicity he was christened and advanced Russian Orthodox Church within the country. He had got more than 13 children

Grand Duke Vladimir - Russian ruler who united and christened the Slavic tribes and cities, creating a single state.

Alexander Nevsky  - Viktor Vasnetsov

Alexander Nevsky, Russian prince of Novgorod who defeated invading Teutonic knights at Lake Peipus in his most celebrated victory, the Battle of Ice

Anne of Russia or Anna Yaroslavna was the princess from The Rurik dynasty and the 1st queen of France to serve as regent.She brought the Byzantine name'Philip'to France and 5 French kings were named so.She brought the most ancient part of Reims Gospel,a richly illustrated manuscript,which became part of theReims Cathedral treasury. Henry III of France and several of his successors including Louis XIV took their oath on it.Anna wears a Russian suit of her time in the picture I chose for this…

became the queen of France, and mother to the capet dynasty.she was the daughter of Yarolslav I, and the grand daughter of Vladimir the great, the great Russian ruler

Святые Руси Васнецов Виктор Михайлович (1848-1926)

The paintings of Vladimir Cathedral in Kiev Cathedral of St. sketch of the Universal Church



русская изба почему без фундамента - Поиск в Google

русская изба почему без фундамента - Поиск в Google

Алексей Михайлович (Тишайший), Царь и Великий князь всея Руси. 1645-1676.  Русско-польская война 1654-1667.   М1:14.

Алексей Михайлович (Тишайший), Царь и Великий князь всея Руси. 1645-1676. Русско-польская война 1654-1667. М1:14.

Владимир Всеволодович Мономах - Google otsing

'Prince of Kyiv Vladimir II Monomakh - Baptist Kyivska Rus.' Sorry there is an error in the original explanation of this photo of a sculpture. - as the 'Baptist' of Kievan-Rus' was Vladimir I - NOT the second!

Berendei Palace - Viktor Vasnetsov

Stage design for Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov's opera 'The Snow Maiden', 1883 by Viktor Vasnetsov

3. Анна Ярославна.jpg

Anne of Kiev (or Anna Yaroslavna) (between 1024 and was the Ruthenian queen consort of Henry I, and regent for her son Philip I. Her parents were Yaroslav I the Wise, the Grand Prince of Kiev and Novgorod, and princess Ingegerd Olofsdotter of Sweden.

Древняя Русь в художественных образах

Древняя Русь в художественных образах