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an orange string doll with a smiley face on it's head and arms, hanging from a wooden wall
How To Make A Macrame Doll
a guitar made out of wire with feathers attached to it
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Acoustic Guitar Singer/Songwriter Dream Catcher. Item is 16 inches by 8 inches handmade wire design accented with natural brown feathers, brown wood beads and 2 guitar picks. Center black ring (sound hole) is woven in the webbing and accented with a Swarovski crystal rhinestone.
a drawing of a cat with big eyes and a smile on it's face
Wiebke Rauers Illustration
say hello to magnus
four different images of the same person holding something in their hands
DIY Dream Catcher Pendant
DIY Dream Catcher Pendant | DIY Fun Tips
a coffee cup and saucer with hearts on it
Heart cups
a coffee mug with a black cat on it's face and claws in the air
a coffee mug with cats on it sitting next to another cup that has an egg in the background
cat coffee mug
a coffee cup with a black cat on it sitting on top of a stack of books
Love Black Cats? 15 Quick And Cute DIY Ideas For Black Cat Lovers
Black cat. Black coffee. Great morning.
a white plate with black birds on it and wires running across the rim, as well as two smaller plates
Made by YOU -Ideen
a wall hanging made out of macrame and lace
a plate with cats painted on it that says meow in front of a wood background
Polka Dot Pottery
Cat Plate
a white cup with cats and dogs on it
a plate with cats on it that says meow
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