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this is a quilt with many penguins on it
Penguin quilt | by Jessica's Quilting Studio
a drawing of a black and white bird on the ground
Sharryn O'Brien Artist
Grandma's Magpie
four black and white birds sitting on a tree branch with purple flowers in the background
Art Publishing Australia
'Australian Magpies And Hardenbergia' by Lyn Cooke
two chickens standing next to each other on top of a white surface with red spots
Guinea Fowl Trio
Guinea Fowl Trio. Watercolor. Alex Egan.
a painting of a bird with a flower in it's beak and feathers on its head
Guinea Fowl
a wooden sign with the word ho ho written on it
Ho, Ho, Ho, Christmas sign,Handpainted Reclaimed Wood Sign, SALE Today only!
three glasses filled with different colored liquids on top of a wooden table next to a painting
Erupting Baking Soda Paint Recipe
Fine motor play with baking soda paint - art that fizzes and blends right before your eyes.
a watercolor painting of a long horn bull
How to paint a highland cow, and have some fun!
I love painting these shaggy haired creatures, who seem to have a personality all their own. Step I Draw your cow Step 2 I paint the tightest parts first so I begin with his nose ( there are no eyes to paint on this beast!) Thinking carefully about lights and darks , I like to add blues to the pinks. Step 3 Next is the horns, there are many more colours in there than you think. and remember to add shading so they have that nice 'rounded' feel. Step 4 Now the fun begins...
a child is painting with watercolors on the paper and holding a paintbrush
Erupting Baking Soda Paint Recipe
Baking soda paint recipe
a red and white type of paper with the words,'day 1 celebration'written on it
I might try to do this- my day one thing, 'anything', are my runes that have been recently posted- does anybody want to join me?
a black and white text description for the classes
A list of 101 sketches to complete. | Sketch book, Drawing challenge, Art classroom
what to sketch...ideas:
the 30 day drawing challenge is on display
free draw challenge
30 day draw challenge - Google zoeken
the 30 day challenge for drawing with watercolors on paper and paintbrushes
The Best 30 Day Drawing Challenge - Natural Beach Living
The Best 30 Day Drawing Challenge, The ultimate creative challenge, 30 days of art ideas, using imagination and creativity, Drawing Challenges for Kids