Виолетта Гимпу

Виолетта Гимпу

Виолетта Гимпу
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//VECTORIZE YOUR LETTTERING// Some of you may have heard the term to ‘vectorize’ your lettering or artwork and were either not sure what that meant or are familiar with the term but don’t have access to a  program like Adobe Illustrator to do so. The why to vectorize may be an easier way of explanation–vectorizing …

Vectorize your lettering in seconds, perfect if you want to create signage, our create printing plates for letterpress from your lettering or artwork.

How To Incorporate Gorgeous Geodes Into Your Wedding Day #RePin by AT Social Media Marketing - Pinterest Marketing Specialists ATSocialMedia.co.uk

Incorporating geodes into your wedding day is guaranteed to look gorgeous, and this unusual yet exquisite trend really is making our hearts flutter.

Dahlia by M.Pellot Photography on @creativemarket

Dahlia by M.Pellot Photography on