Challenge. Draw these eyes at least once. Then draw them without reference. Keep practicing, changing them and add your style.

Fill up an entire sketch book with eyes. Then fill up an entire sketch book with the mouth, ears, facial shapes, Hair, etc. At least one sketchbook of each facial body area.

Arm muscles anatomy

Only if our muscles were really that couour and henceforth super easy to defrenciate Muscular System - Anatomy Flashcards - Muscles of Face - Anatomy Cards - Anatomic.

For drawing reference repinned by www.BlickeDeeler

Anatomy: Human Arm Muscles, by Canadian-Rainwater on deviantART. >> Shows how the muscles of the human arm look when the arm is moved.

We've got a *case* of stair envy.

This Woman Painted Her Staircase To Look Like Books And OMG It's Amazing

Woman Paints Staircase With Her Favorite Book Covers - Pippa Branham and her husband moved to their first permanent home just last year, which meant it was finally time for Pippa to personalize their hom.

Ознакомьтесь с моим проектом в @Behance: «Cardboard girl story»

Ознакомьтесь с моим проектом в @Behance: «Cardboard girl story»