Kontakt: holzwurm8076@gmx.de  Unser neuster Streich :o) Eine schlichte Garderobe mit Ablagefläche für Geldbeutel, Briefe, Schlüssel, Deko etc. Platz zum Aufhängen Eurer Kleidung habt Ihr an 5...

Garderobe "Norderney" Paletten

Shoe shelf using lumber planks and posts. I would make shelves taller by placing cut posts vertical instead of horizontal.

to the man who can tie a Trinity knot perfectly: marry me, please.

How to tie a necktie…

to the man who can tie a Trinity knot perfectly: marry me, please. Tie a tie

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57 Infographics that will make a Man Fashion Expert

Domino clock

Renewed Nostalgia: Fun Ways to Repuropse Old Board Games

DIY Domino Clocks make a great addition to your game room or even your backyard patio. We have a variety of clock accessories along with some woodworking materials. Come visit the store today and create your own unique clock!

Гид по мужскому стилю: 15 правил, которые стоит знать каждому мужчине – Фитнес для мозга

We at Bright Side have collected together 15 of the smartest tips for those men who always want to look great in this infographic. This is a real man’s style guide. Read it, take note and take action!

Инфографика. Стиль. Шпаргалка джентльмена

Инфографика. Стиль. Шпаргалка джентльмена

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