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purple and white macaroons sitting in a tea cup on a saucer next to raspberries
Blackberry-Thyme Macarons
Could the afternoon hold a more sublime experience than savoring a delectable lavender-hued Blackberry-Thyme Macarons while sipping a favorite blend? Find the recipe, along with a bounty of other refreshing macaron flavors, at
there is a plate with food on it that has flowers and leaves on it, along with other plates
Mini Avocado Toasts
When the warmth of spring coaxes forth an array of vibrant floral splendor across the landscape, dress the table in brilliant bouquets and petal-strewn china to greet the morning with a seasonal celebration. Find a cache of delightful spring brunch recipes, including our Mini Avocado Toasts, at
there is a cake with flowers on the plate next to some music sheets and flowers
A Note of Floral Beauty
Taking cues from musical scores with a botanical theme, our festive menu showcases a bouquet of blossoms. Presented in an alcove of the garden, this symphony of flavors is certain to leave a lasting impression. Among the offerings, find the recipe for our Rose Petal Cheesecake at
a three tiered cake decorated with wildflowers on a table next to tea cups and saucers
Our Seven Favorite Floral Recipes
With a bounty of jewel-toned blossoms at hand, the season of rejuvenation is best celebrated around a table laden with floral-infused recipes. Find the recipe for this Lavender Chamomile Tiered Cake and a fête of blooming delights at
a blue and white cake sitting on top of a table next to other plates, cups and utensils
Easter on the Lawn
Celebrate Easter's arrival with a gathering as jubilant as the land’s glorious reawakening. Brimming with enjoyable fare and seasonal delights, this fête is sure to enchant all who are welcomed for an afternoon of feasting and fellowship. Find inspiration at
desserts and tea cups are sitting on the table
Our Five Favorite Spring-Inspired Desserts
Beautiful blooms gaily greet us, and warmer environs whisper to any who listen, spring has surely arrived. As we open our kitchen windows to welcome this beloved season indoors, allow the bounty of this blissful time to inspire your sweetest confections. Find spring-inspired dessert recipes to remind you of the pure delight this cherished reawakening brings at
there is a cup and saucer on the table with crackers next to it
Buttermilk-Zucchini Soup
Throw the doors open wide and celebrate this season of rebirth with an intimate gathering that brims with the bright, refreshing flavors of early spring. Find garden-inspired recipes, including our chilled Buttermilk-Zucchini Soup, at
a white box filled with macaroons next to a glass of wine and flowers
Five Favorite Homemade Valentine Sweets
Nothing expresses the sweet sentiments of love and admiration quite like the gift of a homemade sugary treat. Tell dear ones how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day by sharing one of our five favorite Valentine’s Day recipes—from blushing pink macarons to traditional chocolates crafted by hand. Find the recipes at
a white box filled with macaroons next to a glass of wine and flowers
Five Favorite Homemade Valentine Sweets
Nothing expresses the sweet sentiments of love and admiration quite like the gift of a homemade sugary treat. Tell dear ones how special they are to you this Valentine’s Day by sharing one of our five favorite Valentine’s Day recipes—from blushing pink macarons to traditional chocolates crafted by hand. Find the recipes at
a heart - shaped cookie on a napkin next to a cup of tea and flowers
A Valentine Tea
Whether shared as a celebration of young love or as an occasion to honor lasting relationships, our tantalizing menu for a Valentine's tea presents an ode to romance. Over fragrant cups of tea, treasure the company of dear ones who gather to sample our feast of sentimental favorites that is certain to cause hearts to flutter. Find recipes at
three desserts with blueberries and powdered sugar are on a table next to flowers
Before the Hearth: A Cozy Winter Meal
Fill the long hours of a cold, dark winter evening with the inviting warmth and comforting glow of an intimate dinner for four. Positioning the table near the fireplace sets the scene for a cozy meal—the crackling blaze lending a gentle cadence to the friendly banter among those gathered. Find recipes for cozy fare at
a cake with sparklers on it sitting on a table next to plates and glasses
Celebrating a New Year
As the page turns to reveal a fresh calendar twinkling with possibility, gather loved ones for feasting and fellowship amid nostalgic reflections of the past twelve months and toast to the exciting opportunities still to come. Find inspiration for welcoming in the New Year and the recipe for this dazzling Champagne and Grapefruit Layer Cake at
two glasses of coffee sitting on top of a table next to books and flowers in vases
Our Top 10 Posts of 2023
From delectable recipes and inviting destinations to unforgettable interiors, join us as we revisit our most popular online features of 2023. Discover them at
some kind of food that is on a glass plate
Five Favorite Christmas Cookies
These stamped designs embellish anise-spiced German springerles that are ideal for keeping, for sharing, or even as an offering to Santa on Christmas Eve. Find the recipes for these and four more of our favorite holiday cookies at
two cups of hot chocolate with cranberry toppings on a plaid tablecloth
Dreaming of Gingerbread
Whether Yuletide cravings encompass frosted cookies, a dark and moist cake flavored with molasses, or new twists on tried-and-true presentations of those classic desserts, gingerbread offerings promise culinary delight with a delectable mingling of sweetness and spice. Find recipes and easy-to-download recipe cards at
a red velvet cake with white frosting and raspberries
Our 7 Favorite Christmas Cakes
Would a holiday gathering still be preserved in the annals of family history without a sideboard laden with a gracious bounty of homemade sweets? In our classic recipes, Grandmother’s legacy of hospitality endures. Find seven sugary creations to inspire your own festivities this season at
a piece of chocolate cake on a plate with ice cream and fruit next to it
a bundt cake with caramel glaze is on a glass platter next to plates and flowers
Happy Thanksgiving from Victoria Magazine
On this Thanksgiving, our hearts brim with gratitude for each of you. We extend wishes for a joyful day of celebration and offer a few more sweet finales for today's traditional feast. We also pay homage to our forefathers' role in commemorating Thanksgiving as a cherished American holiday at
a table topped with cakes and plates covered in frosting next to fall foliages
a slice of pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top sits on a plate next to a cup of coffee
A Thanksgiving Feast
When shadows fall and the table glows with candlelight and affection, offer guests Perfect Pumpkin Pie and an opportunity to reflect upon their most cherished blessings. Find this recipe and more for a sumptuous Thanksgiving feast at
a white bowl filled with vegetables on top of a wooden table next to a silver platter
Seasonal Side Dishes: Top 5 Favorite Sides for Thanksgiving
Although the turkey often gets the most attention during holiday-menu planning, the trimmings can bring just as much harvest flavor to your celebration. Fresh and delicious, these unforgettable side dishes might just steal the spotlight on your Thanksgiving table. Find recipes at
a glass bowl filled with sugar covered fruit on top of a table next to christmas decorations
a table topped with plates of food and wine
Roasted Chicken Thighs with Root Vegetables
Cool evenings call for classic cuisine like our Roasted Chicken Thighs with Root Vegetables, presented with an herbed medley of Brussels sprouts, carrots, garlic, and golden beets. Enjoy this meal with buttery Garlic Knots or other heartwarming fare.
two bowls filled with soup sitting on top of a table next to pumpkins and other autumn decorations
Mushroom Gourmet
Ranging in character from comfortingly demure to intriguingly full-bodied, mushrooms impart an unmistakable sense of umami, a pleasing savory flavor recognized more widely in recent years as the fifth distinctive category of taste. Find recipes highlighting this versatile ingredient at
two copper mugs with marshmallows in them on a table next to pumpkins
Pumpkin–White Chocolate Hot Chocolate
Worth savoring while stars twinkle above, Pumpkin–White Chocolate Hot Chocolate offers a sweet beginning to a delicious evening shared beneath a brilliant night sky. Find the recipe, along with a collection of other pumpkin-flavored fare, at
an autumn brunch with apples, oranges and white flowers on a table
An Early Autumn Brunch
The warm aroma of Apple and Spice Wassail offers a gracious welcome to loved ones gathered on the first cool morning of fall. Find a festive brunch menu brimming with seasonal flavors at