Everyday Austria

жизнь в Австрии
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a store front on the side of a building with lots of windows and balconies
an old building lit up at night with clouds in the background
One of many "palais" in Vienna, Austria. Isn't it gorgeous all lit up?
an aerial view of a large white building surrounded by greenery and trees on a sunny day
What a wonderful day for an outing!
an ornate building on top of a hill
This place has amazing views of the Wachau Valley in Austria.
an ornate stair case in the middle of a building
a statue in the middle of a flower garden
yellow flowers are blooming in the foreground and on the other side of a bridge
a ski lift going up the side of a snow covered mountain
World-class skiing in Tyrol
an ice cream sundae with chocolate sauce and drizzled icing on top
"Maroni Dessert": Life is sweet in Austria.
a bike covered in snow next to a tree
Snow day in Vienna.
the inside of a shopping mall with people walking and sitting on their own balconies
High-end shopping in Graz.