Commercial Real Estate in Austria

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a large room with white chairs and tables in front of an orange wall that has lights on it
This part 2 in our series on hotel ownership in Austria. It covers the main concerns involved in overseas investments and how the consultants at VIA Service can assist.
two people walking up the side of a mountain with a lake in the foreground
This is part 1 in our series on hotel ownership in Austria. it provides an overview of tourism indicators in the country.
a building with a tree in front of it on top of a grass covered hill
This modern country estate has a private vineyard!
a grassy hill with a cut out man on it's face in the middle
This vineyard is in the heart of Styrian wine country; an area renowned for award-winning wines!
the dining room is clean and ready for us to eat
Newly renovated nature hotel for sale in Styria, Austria.
an office with blue and white walls and furniture in the room, there is a computer screen on the wall
Commercial real estate for sale in Styria, Austria.