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With roots in Mediterranean craftsmanship, Nespresso is all about quality creations that deliver well-rounded flavor. To experience the unique flavors for yourself, check out our collection of 6 Italian desserts that pair brilliantly with espresso.

This coffee- and pistachio-flavored Semifreddo recipe has the perfect amount of nutty and creamy flavors to balance the robust aromas of an Arpeggio coffee creation.

Creative flavor combinations elevate this Mojito Café recipe to another level of coffee deliciousness. This drink recipe is refreshing yet wonderfully bold thanks to Arpeggio Grand Cru. Make this espresso treat for yourself to experience the notes of fresh mint!

With each sip of this Mojito Café recipe, you’ll be experiencing your very own tropical vacation at home. We can’t think of a better iced coffee drink for a refreshing Nespresso moment.

Mint Condition: A Refreshing Mint Iced Coffee Recipe -

Mint Condition: A Refreshing Mint Iced Coffee Recipe (Top/Garnish your fave ICED or hot coffee with some refreshing and revitalizing mint!

Caramel Coffee Warmers

At your reception, offer caramel wafers to rest across the top of the cup -- the coffee will stay warm and the caramel will soften, turning the wafer into a sweet gooey treat.