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Палитры для рисования волос в SAI и Photosop | Lessdraw

The often requested chart of slightly more normal color palettes for hair XD I tried to get a variety of different shades in there, so I hope this is useful! Edit: I apologize for all the spa.

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Pego (Pegasus) is very oddly colored. He was going to be sold to a cow boy at an auction, but ran away after a week. Pego is smart and cunning. He is good friends with Dream Catcher. He was in love with her, but then she mated Apache. Now they are just good friends. He is 9 years old and his new mate is Guinevere.

Trevor age: 23 about: he is the herd leader and the strongest horse in the herd he isn't afraid of anything and treats everyone in the herd with respect Has no mate Needs one to rule with him