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6 Grey Hairstyles & Haircuts for guys - styling and coloring at the same time
hanging decorations from PVC pipe structure (or other similar structure like a coat rack) since the ceilings inside Fat Grass are high.
Biggest idea in DIY Photobooths.  From WOW Photobooth...  app that makes your ipad a $10,000 photobooth for $69 dollars.  Set up in less than 10 min.  Can print andor emaill 4in x 6in prints with 6 pic.
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three bases per backdrop; one weight attached to each base
If you have problems with the natural lighting and don’t have money for quality artificial lighting, maybe the solution for you could be this DIY Project - DIY Softbox Spiderlite.
To front-light his portrait of the rock band Pierce the Veil, Adam Elmakias used an Alien Bees B1600 monolight inside a 7-foot Photoflex Octodome softbox (A). He side- and backlit the musicians with two Alien Bees B800 monolights inside 47-inch (B) and 35-inch (C) foldable Paul C. Buff octoboxes. The side light (B) eliminated shadows on the subjects’ shoulders, while the backlight (C) rimlit the group, making it easier for Elmakias to extract them from the background in post.
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Veja o tutorial completo e em vídeo dessa luminária industrial no blog: http://modacustom.com.br/2016/09/23/luminaria-industrial-diy-para-decoracao/
como fazer uma luminária de piso - tripé