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a cross stitched snowflake on white fabric
Star Disc - Beersheba area Stars and Discs were used as symbols of generosity.
a yellow and white ornament sitting on top of a wooden table
four ornaments with different designs on them and the numbers 2013 in each ornament
A Christmas picture on one side with the year on the other. Visit www.etsy.com/shop/pattyscraftcorner to view a variety of handmade ornaments.
some ornaments are sitting on top of each other in red and white checkered fabric
Biel i czerwień na święta
Z całego serca ...: Biel i czerwień na święta
three ornaments are sitting on a white furnishing and one is decorated with snowflakes
Moje bombki
Moje bombki na Stylowi.pl
a cross stitch ornament hanging from a red ribbon
Baby's First Christmas Ornament Quilted Ornament | Etsy Canada
Babys First Christmas Ornament - Baby's 1st Christmas Ornament - Quilted Ornament - Quilted Ball - Rocking Horse Ornament
a red and white ornament with two ornaments on it
"Christmas Druml" ornament....Visit www.etsy.com/shop/pattyscraftcorner to view a variety of handmade ornaments.
an ornament decorated with pink roses and ribbons on a white lace doily
a happy birthday ornament hanging on a wooden wall with pink ribbon around it
Folded Star Cross Stitch Ornament EBook by Carmella Troisi-Hoerr
One of my favorites from the second book - love using the shiny, metalic floss!
four different pictures of green and gold ornaments
made by Renata St.
four different pictures of christmas ornaments with green and gold decorations on the top one is an ornament
made by Renata St.
a christmas ornament hanging from a tree
Новогодние шары своими руками: мастерим елочные украшения ручной работы | Крестик
Новогодний шар Пэчворк