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Вера Долголева

Вера Долголева
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children's garden in the making

Giant Tepee Garden - creative idea for repurposing branches and natural materials & provide an amazing play space for kids. They can watch climbing beans grow up as a natural shade cover, plant other edibles in the planter box around the edge.

raised garden bed stacking joints

These are stacking joint to make the beds taller. I think Errol and I can do this and stay married and it will be a good idea for the the school, too!

raised garden bed anchor joints

Anchor joints are designed for easy, DIY raised garden bed construction. Anchor joints feature a inch stake that can be hammered into the ground and brackets to hold the composite timbers firmly in place.

instant raised beds

Designed w/ flexible hinged joints to enable you to build at any angle, these tough-as-nails joiners are just what you need for quick, successful, long-lasting beds and accent plantings!