By Vladimir Lebedev (1891-1967), c. 1925, Cubist Composition, Paris.

“Vladimir Lebedev (Russian, Cubist composition, India ink, gouache and pencil on lithographic paper, x 22 cm.

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ROSTA, Artist: Vladimir Lebedev (Russian, Russian Telegraph Agency (ROSTA), was the state news agency in Soviet Russia


Samuil Marshak was a children's poet, Vladimir Lebedev illustrated many of his books. This is a cover for the 1926 book "Luggage" .

Vladimir Lebedev

"Baggage", Samuil Marshak, Vladimir Lebedev, Facsimile with an english text published by The Museum of Modern Art, New York


Samuil Marshak, Ice Cream, Illutrated by Vladimir Lebedev, via BibliOdyssey: Soviet Childrens Books Part II

Marshak - Lebedev


Marshak - Lebedev

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