С тобой было как ни с кем. Так больше ни с кем не будет.  Джон Фаулз "Волхв"

Translation: DON"T be afraid to loose those who were not afraid to loose you. The BRIGHTER are the burning bridges behind the, the LIGHTER is the road ahead of you.

Картинки по запросу мудрые мысли омар хайям

Картинки по запросу мудрые мысли омар хайям

Восточная мудрость  "quotes"цитаты" quotes about relationships,love and life,motivational phrases&thoughts./ цитаты об отношениях,любви и жизни,фразы и мысли,мотивация./

Have you ever felt so deeply connected with your man … his arms around you, feeling warm and happy and giggly and safe and utterly RIGHT…

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Freedom offers a person the moment when him becomes indifferent to what impression it must produce.


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Берегите своих любимых...  (46) Одноклассники

Берегите своих любимых... (46) Одноклассники