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Vera Kurbatova
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Super cool packaging

"Rezept-Destillate is an assortment of different pure fruit spirits from a local Swiss producer. The packaging design reflects the process of distillation, during which the fruits are reduced to theirs flavor essences.

Normal Hair Shampoo by Sachajuan

SACHAJUAN Volume Shampoo creates structure for fine and sensitive hair. The well balanced formula with Ocean Silk Technology rebuilds the hair firber and promotes shine, stability and volume.

i would buy it once. at the very least.

Convenient Cavity – Shampoo Dispenser Bottle Redesign by Bao Haimo, Piao Hailong, Liu Yuancheng, Miao Pengpeng & Xu Kun

Elastine is a shampoo and hair conditioner packaging with no color and no braille. Blind, low vision and colorblind people can easily distinguish each bottle. But really, Elastine works for everyone since each bottle can be differentiated by its distinct surface texture. The tactile textures communicate a different effect for each bottle. Experiencing the different tactile effect for each bottle the shampoo bottle can be easily distinguished from the conditioner and the styling bottle.

You don't have to try to read to know whether it is shampoo or treatment and get pained on your eyes while taking shower. Design by Junggi Sung.