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Editorial design

Clean, Swiss-ish web layout with limited colors. Well designed typography and composition. Web design inspiration Stardust Shop Studio Web D.

(via Travesías | Astrid Stavro Studio)

Series of beautiful book cover designs by Astrid Stavro Studio for Arcadia. Worth clicking through to the Studio& page to see the individual images.

In the absence of images and color, hierarchy is simply conveyed through the weight, position and size of type. The primary headline is positioned near the middle of the page with the largest font size to create distinction from other sub-headers. - #art #design

- Balance is achieved through tension, has a flowing effect which leads the gaze to the title then text - Nice contrast of the large numbers with the background

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“Five phrases to live by” by Anthony Neil Dart. Last week I posted “Ten ideas to live by” by Alder Dog, whose author was inspired by the work of Anthony Neil Dart. “Five phrases to live by” iis a.