Неделя французской кухни: гале дэ руа, или веганский королевский пирог

Galette des Rois, or kings’ cake, makes its appearance in French pâtisseries around Christmas, but it is a delicious dessert option anytime. Vegan Galette des Rois, out of 4 based on 1 rating

Неделя французской кухни: сытный овощной рататуй

Enjoy fine French food without too much fiddle and fuss, such as simple soufflés that rise every time and a vibrant ratatouille veggies will love. HUGE LIST - I want to eat like this every day!

Неделя французской кухни: традиционный луковый суп

French Onion Soup French Onion Soup, née Soupe a L’Oignon Gratinee, is a always in perfect taste. Just ask all of my Café des Amis-Balthazar-La Boulange-doting friends.

Неделя французской кухни: суп-пюре из топинамбура и маринованного редиса

The sunchoke, an iron-rich tuber that looks a bit like gingerroot, takes center stage in this sweet, mellow soup, which was featured on The French Laundry’s vegetarian tasting menu last May. Pickled radishes and homemade croutons add satisfying crunch.

Неделя французской кухни: как приготовить домашнее яблочное масло?

Mix apples and butter rum together to get an amazing eliquid flavor, Apple Butter Rum.

Неделя французской кухни: нисуаз из кус-куса

This guide to Tunisian food from the Tunisia Travel Planner website includes brik, couscous, lamb, merguez, and salade Tunisienna.

Неделя французской кухни: суп из чечевицы со смесью специй "Вадуван"

NYT Cooking: Red lentils are a beautiful color orange when dry, but they become a rather drab yellow when they cook. This can be disappointing, until you taste the lentils.

Неделя французской кухни: гороховый суп с эстрагоном

Tasted that in Scotland, great ! Easy and Refreshing Pea and Mint Summer Soup: Pea and Mint soup Recipe