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Agnes Novell
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Captains and setters Haikyuu <<< I think you mean captains and boyfriends ;)

Akaashi is so done with bokuto / suga is happy video taping/ Iwaizumi will soon pulverize oikawa & kenma has just died !

Karasuno! Ps.: Amo esses olhares do Tsukki e Yamaguchi ashuahs <3

Before watching this I didn't even like volleybal that much, BUT THIS ANIME IS SO GOOOD. THE FEELS - after watching a video of Jongup saying he recently watched Haikyuu! I started to watch it, so I blame/thank Jongup for lovingg this anime :)

Bokuto and Akaashi - part2 - Haikyuu

Bokuto and Akaashi - - Haikyuu I wonder if this is why people don't text me back. Got woken up because they wanted to text and they got the nerve to not text me back. This made think that they just fell asleep

Read Kuroo x Bokuto from the story Podryw - level Haikyuu!

Haikyuu!! Nishinoya= Flying Squirrel

Read Nishinoya Yuu x Deaf!Reader from the story Male! X Uke/Seme! Reader 【One-Shots!