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Polyquest Worlds: more than 110 different cliffs, rocks, blocks, stones, bridges, arcades, monoliths, platforms, gravels, grounds, oceans, vistas cut-out cards & “god ray” cards • highly optimized assets running smoothly even on low-end mobile devices • more than a 100 different materials texture simulating real-world surfaces • 87 different example scenes with lighting

Environment Grants provides a collection of resources on supporting healthy community environments.

Pixel Art

Nice reference for character style development Productive Summer pixel art by Shwig - Team Fortress Mass Effect, Venom, Minecraft, Avengers.

FFX cast pixel art by Daniel Oliver.

ahruon: I got some requests to do the FFX cast, which i wanted also to redo for some time now X – Final Fantasy X fan art by AbyssWolf (Daniel Oliver) View Original Source Here