узоры спицами

Similar to the outlander mitts, but really nice as an allover fabric.

una preciosidad inspiracion

crochet pendant ~~ brilliant, why didn't I think of this, not tatting but could apply the same technique for a tatted motif.

beautiful openwork

рисунки для вязания спицами

Widen the knit section between the yo columns for use with a variegated yarn.

цитата quanessa : Свитер для мужа (спицами) nuo светлана заец (10:34 19-12-2014) [4932002/346972442] - - Почта Mail.Ru

Вязание -1

quote quanessa: sweater for her husband (the spokes) nuo Svetlana Zayats - - Mail Mail.

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Sunflower combined with Sophie's Garden Square off pattern - A lot of people have used this to make a Bag / Tote / Purse.