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Василисса Крапоткина
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Hybrids 07. por Notesz

I'm planning to either make adopts or do custom designs. Not sure where to approach it from yet.

As fotógrafas Carol Beckwith e Angela Fisher possuem uma vivência de mais de 30 anos do registro de cerimônias, rituais e cotidiano de povos tribais africanos, o que fez com que suas imagens refletissem uma longa e profunda relação de respeito com os costumes e as pessoas dessas tribos, especialmente a Dinkas, no Sudão

The photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher documented the daily lives of the Dinka people, a fascinating tribe in southern Sudan. The Dinka people are distinctive for their close relationship with cattle, with which they live in perfect harmony.

Dinka by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher

Dinka by Carol Beckwith & Angela Fisher sunshine Amazing images!

Девушка, несущая быка - Фоканов Владимир - - Arts.In.UA

I love this piece of art because it's how I feel my life is every day with my illness. Butt-naked and carrying a bull - a wonderful metaphor! Girl Carrying Bull, by Vladimir Fokanov

Africa | "Fort Lamy". Chad.  | Scanned postcard image, phographer Robert Carmet

The Maloan people deserted their homelands after the Great Drought. Refugees from the arid subcontinent have been flowing into Lemura, where they are often denied jobs and shelter. They are largely viewed as beggars.