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an outdoor area with rocks and plants on the ground, along with wooden decking
a small tree is in the middle of a pool
a black and white sculpture in front of a wall
the garden is full of colorful flowers and plants in large planters on either side of the stairs
Richmond Garden — Tom Massey
Richmond Garden — Tom Massey
a concrete slab in the middle of a garden
Water Plane
an empty bench sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a small pond filled with water
Natuurlijke zwemvijver in Mortsel Water Features, Nature, Natural Pond, Natural Pool, Natural Swimming Pool, Pond, Swimming Pond, Natural Swimming Pools
Pure Comfort in Mortsel
Voor dit project in Mortsel bouwden we een Pure Essential om naar een Pure Comfort. Deze transitie verliep vlot omdat het team van Pur’Eau destijds al wachtleidingen had voorzien. Zo kon deze klant achteraf nog eenvoudig beslissen om de zwemvijver toch te gaan verwarmen. De zwemzone van 7,5m x 2m werd rondom afgewerkt met een strak inox profiel waar het gras en terras mooi op aansluiten. Alles samen zorgt ervoor dat deze zwemvijver een sterke upgrade is voor de gezellige stadstuin.
an outdoor walkway leading to a wooden building with grass and rocks on the ground next to it
Architects Design a Beautiful Modern Home Connected to Nature in Glen Ellen, California
Connected Living – Valley of the Moon Retreat by Butler Armsden Architects • Valley of the Moon Retreat by Butler Armsden Architects is a family holiday home that warmly embraces its owners. The board-form concrete and timber residence is constructed from a series of volumes that allow the surrounding treetops to take centrestage, thanks to the extensive glazing throughout the interior. #architecture #americanhomes #familyhome #homegoals #homebuilders #timberhome #housetour #courtyard
a modern house with wood slats on the front and side walls, along with graveled driveway
two people are standing in front of a rock formation and looking at another person with a backpack
the house is surrounded by large rocks and green plants on both sides of the walkway
Reed Hilderbrand - Old Quarry