Shishkin Andrey.

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Купало и Кострома - художник Андрей Шишкин Купало - в славянской мифологии брат близнец Костромы. Оба они дети богини Ночи Купальницы и Семаргла.

Swim and Kostroma (- in Slavic mythology, twin brother of Kostroma. Both are children of the goddess of Night and Globeflowers Semargl).

Святибор – картина художника Андрея Шишкина

Svyatibor - Slavic God of Forests and woods by Russian artist Andrey Shishkin

Велес / Weles

Veles is one of major Slavic god associated with cattle, commerce, underworld…

Artist Andrei Shishkin. Russian people of the earth | Paintings and Reproductions

Giving the name by Andrey Shishkin(well-known artist, who was born in Moscow in Here he lives and works now. This Russian artist works in the style of realistic academic painting and creates paintings that delight in its splendor).